1lb Drum Antweight Chassis Kit

Saifu 2.1 The improved Chassis kit is based on the latest version of Team Rolling Thunders 1lb Drum Ant "Saifu"


1/4" and 1/16" UHMW and 0.030" 7075 Aluminum
Drive Motors and Mounts.
Optional Drum with installed motor.
New for 2017....Drum has larger ball bearings to improve reliability.

This is not a kit for absolute beginners and will require extra parts and tools to complete.

The chassis kit is 1" wider than the original and results in a more stable Bot and a "bite" twice as wide! The weapon is now mounted on a 1/4" Steel dead axle resulting in a much tougher weapon system.
Drive motor mounting plates included.
Wider chassis allows use of Fingertech Silverspark motors if desired.

Chassis Weight 4.6oz
Optional Drum weight 6.4oz
Kitbots Ant motors and mounting Plates 0.85oz each

It will also be available in a turnkey, ready to go, fully built Bot complete with battery, charger and 2.4Ghz Radio. Allow 28 days for delivery on Turnkey Bots

Details of the design and construction of the original, details of options available together with recommended parts list can be found at:
Saifu 2 Kit Details
1lb Drum Antweight Chassis Kit
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