3lb Drum Beetle Kit

Production version of the latest version of my Beetleweight "Weta, God of Ugly Things"


1/2" UHMW and 1/16" 7075 Aluminum
Garolite top panel, Titanium "Horns"
Complete with 7075 Aluminum Drum with built in 35-36 1400kv Motor and needle roller bearings.
3/8" diameter Titanium axle and M10 sharpened grade 8 Steel teeth.
Details of the design and construction together with recommended parts list can be found at:
Weta 2 Details
Basic Kit comes with chassis and drum/motor. To complete it you will require other parts as detailed in the recommended parts list.

This is not be be a kit for beginners and will require extra parts and tools to complete.

It is also available in a turnkey, ready to go, fully built Bot complete with battery, charger and 2.4Ghz Radio. Allow 28 days for delivery on Turnkey Bots

This Bot is NOT a toy. Do not test or operate this bot outside a suitable
enclosed arena that has a minimum of 1/4" thick polycarbonate walls.
Failure to follow this instruction may result in severe injury.
3lb Drum Beetle Kit
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